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From the author of Searching for Music

Sharing Friends' Music

Spotify is closely tied to the Facebook social network, which makes it relatively easy to share your Spotify music with your Facebook friends[md]and vice versa. When you want to find out what your friends are listening to, tap the Friends tab in the Spotify Mobile app.

This displays a list of all your Facebook friends who are also Spotify subscribers. When you tap the name of a friend, you see a list of the playlists this person has recently created. You can then listen to the playlist in either the original order or in shuffle mode.

Figure 7 Viewing a friend's playlists

Listening in Offline Mode

Sometimes you want to listen to music when you don't have an Internet connection. Maybe you're driving to work or flying cross-country. In any instance, there's no Internet connection available[md]but there's still a way to listen to your Spotify music.

If you're using Spotify Mobile, you can listen to music in what Spotify calls its Offline mode. Spotify Mobile automatically enters Offline mode whenever there's no Internet connection available for your mobile device. You can then listen to those playlists you previously activated for offline playback.

Before you can listen to music offline, however, you have to activate a given playlist for Offline listening. To do this, open the playlist page on your iPhone; then tap "on" the Offline Available Offline switch. Spotify will then download the tracks in these playlists to your iPhone for offline listening.

You can also activate Offline mode manually for your mobile device. This is great if your device is low on battery power and you want to conserve your charge. Just tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen; when the Settings screen appears, go to the Offline Mode section and tap "on" the Offline Mode switch. Tap the Offline Mode switch "off" to return to normal listening mode.

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