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Creating a Sample Project

Let's start by creating a new LightSwitch project. For this example, you'll create two simple entities:

  • Contact. This entity represents the data that the application will manage.
  • Log. This entity is used in the background to generate logs about the users' activities.

Figure 1 shows how the Contact entity must be defined.

Figure 1 Defining the Contact entity.

Figure 2 shows how to create the Log entity.

Figure 2 Defining the Log entity to store activity information.

Every time a user performs an activity that you want to monitor, a new instance of the Log entity will be created, storing the name of the user, the type of task being performed, a timestamp, and additional notes (optional).

Finally, add a data entry screen and a search screen, both to work with the Contact entity. Figure 3 shows the project at this point.

Figure 3 The sample project now includes screens.

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