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Tip #5: Don’t Stop Marketing Offline

Even though budget concerns will probably force you to cut back on some existing activities to afford your foray into online marketing, that doesn’t mean you should totally abandon your traditional B2B marketing. In reality, the best results come from a mix of traditional and online activities; the different activities often work in conjunction with each other to better reach and convert potential customers.

For example, many companies find that traditional telemarketing followed by email contact is the best approach for generating quality leads. Likewise, other companies find that PPC advertising followed by phone calls generates the best results.

In other words, successful B2B marketing is seldom all of one thing or another. It takes a combination of activities to reach, convert, and maintain a profitable customer base. Online marketing is just a part of your overall marketing strategy – which means you don’t want to completely cut all your existing activities, at least not yet. You need to do a little bit of everything to succeed.

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