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Five Tips for B2B Marketing Online

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Business-to-business marketing is moving online, and the rules of the game are both significantly and subtly different from traditional marketing. In this article, B2B Digital Marketing author Michael Miller shares five tips for ensuring that your B2B marketing are spent more effectively and efficiently.
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If you work for a business-to-business (B2B) company, you’re probably under pressure to utilize various online media to market your business. There’s good reason for that; online marketing offers unique opportunities to reach potential business companies.

Which online activities deliver the best bang for the buck for B2B companies? Here are five tips you can take advantage of to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy – without breaking the bank.

Tip #1: It All Starts and Ends with Your Website

For any B2B company, your online marketing activities revolve around one essential element – your website. Everything you do online, from the keywords in your PPC advertising to the social networking posts you make, points back to your home on the web. You need to create an exceptional website presence or nothing else matters.

Your online marketing strategy, then, has to start with the design and content of your website. It’s all about giving current and potential customers what they need – and making what they need easy to find.

Chief behind your website construction is what your customers want to do and expect to find there. Both potential prospects and existing customers expect to find on your site key information about your company, your products, and your services. They also expect to turn to your website when they need support of any type.

Your website, then, is the most visible and important medium for influencing customers in the acquisition, conversion, and retention stages of the B2B buying continuum. Your site is key to acquisition in that it provides necessary information for potential customers to make a buying decision. It’s important to conversion in that you can use your site to sign up new customers and accept their initial orders. And it’s essential to retention in that it can offer support for past purchases and information that can lead to future purchases.

No other online medium is as important to your business. If you do nothing else online, build a useful and informative website. Your business will prosper for it.

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