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Java Menus #1: Java Swing and Menus

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Welcome to the premiere article of Swing Solutions! The purpose of this column is to use small, yet worthwhile examples to teach you how to use Java 2 Swing components in your applications and applets. This column will break up small projects into several pieces that will be presented in monthly articles, each focusing on a different aspect of Swing.
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JWord Application

Our first project is a small word processor application; do not expect to write the next Microsoft Word in a handful of articles, but it will be robust enough to (1) be useful and expandable (if you have the motivation) and (2) teach you a couple of things about the Java Swing classes.

JWord has the following features:

  • Java menu bar

  • Dynamically created Java popup menus

  • Toolbar with tooltips

  • Support for editing multiple documents

  • Document formatting through the JEditPane

  • Clipboard from which you can cut and paste text

In this first article, we are going to begin with a discussion of the support that Java Swing provides for menus—both menu bars and popup menus.

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