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Capturing and Tagging Your First Notes in Evernote

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This chapter explains the tasks you'll need to perform to create and tag your first notes in Evernote.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding a note is a simple task in Evernote—by typing, pasting, emailing, and tweeting—and you can tag your notes to categorize them and find them easily later. In this chapter, you learn to create and tag your first notes by completing the following tasks:

  • Creating a New Note
  • Typing or Pasting Note Content
  • Adding, Assigning, and Removing Tags
  • Emailing Notes to Yourself
  • Tweeting Your Notes

Now that you have installed Evernote and learned the ins and outs of using it on your own system—whichever computer or device that might be—you are ready to begin taking notes! Capturing a note in Evernote is a super flexible process. You can type a note, copy and paste a note, record yourself speaking out out loud, sketch or handwrite a note, or add photos to notes. After you add the content you want to remember, you can add tags to the note so that you can find the note again easily later in a search.

Creating a New Note

No matter which computer or device you’re using, Evernote makes starting a new note as simple as possible. For the examples in this chapter, we’ll use a Windows computer, but add in Mac and mobile tips along the way.

Starting a New Note

So what kind of notes do you want to capture? Maybe you’ve finally learned how to make apple butter and you want to save the recipe so you can try it next fall. Or you had an idea for a new project you want to start—and you want to save the materials list to your notebook. Or perhaps you are working with a group on a new version of your club newsletter, and you all will be contributing articles on the fly. Whatever your reason, adding a new note is a simple task in all versions of Evernote.

  1. In the Evernote window, click the New Note arrow.
  2. Click New Note. The new note window opens and the title area is selected so that you can start right off adding a title for your new note.

Adding a Note Title

Searching for the notes you need in Evernote is a simple process, so you may not think a title matters much. Although your tags and searches are likely to help you find what you need, naming your notes in such a way that the titles remind you of the content you’re capturing is always a good idea. This is also helpful when you’re sharing your notes and want others to be able to see quickly which notes are likely to have what they need.

  1. In the New Note window, click in the Click to Set Title area. If you have typed text into the body of the note already, Evernote automatically uses that first segment of text as the note title.
  2. Type the title for the note.

Adding Author Name and Location

You can add what Evernote calls attributes to your notes to include additional information so that you know who created the note (which is particularly useful if you are working with shared notebooks) and where the note was created.

  1. In the new note window, click the attributes arrow. This displays one row of note attributes.
  2. Click the arrow a second time. Now you see all the note attributes for the new note.
  3. Click in the Click to Set Author area and type the author name.
  4. Click in the Click to Set Location area. The Enter a Default Location dialog box appears.
  5. Click Enter a Default Location Now.
  6. Type your ZIP code.
  7. Choose your country or region.
  8. If you want to enter your address, click the Address arrow and enter your address, city, and state.
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Click the Close box.
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