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Using iCloud with Your iTunes Music, Apps, and Books

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In this lesson, you learn how to use iCloud to make sure music, apps, and books you purchase from the iTunes Store are always available to you on any device.
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Understanding Automatic iTunes Store Purchase Downloading

The iTunes Store offers lots of great audio, video, and book content that you can purchase, download, and enjoy on iOS devices and computers. Before iCloud, to get the same content on more than one device, you had to use the sync process to move the content into iTunes on a computer (unless it was purchased on the computer of course) and then use iTunes to sync the content onto other devices. And it was even more work to make the content available on both a Mac and a PC.

iCloud takes away these hassles in a couple of ways. First, you can configure all your equipment (computers and iOS devices) to automatically download any future music, app, or book purchases you make from the iTunes Store. Second, you can easily download any past purchases of music, TV shows, apps, or books directly onto your iOS devices.

Configuring your devices for automatic downloading is covered in a section for each type of device: iOS, Macs, and Windows PCs. You need to read only the sections that are relevant to the devices you use.

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