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XPages Portable Command Guide: Working with the Domino Server Console and the Notes OSGi Console

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This chapter outlines the most relevant commands available to you as an XPages developer via the Domino server console and the Notes OSGi console.
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When working with an application running on an application server, it is often necessary to interact with the server’s console to analyze, troubleshoot, and debug any problems that might arise. This is also true for XPages applications and controls. The Domino server console provides the developer with a wide variety of commands, ranging from starting a server task to reporting the status of an OSGi bundle running on the server. At some point, the XPage developer inevitably will need to call on the console to analyze why an application is not working or functioning as desired.

The Domino server has a long history. Over time, the Domino server’s console has served Domino administrators and developers alike as the first line of attack when troubleshooting problems. In an effort to maintain this level of service over the evolution of the server, and to enable administrators and developers to quickly get to the root of issues relating to XPages applications, the server’s console has been instrumented with a large array of commands specifically built with the XPages runtime in mind.

About the XSP Command Manager

The XPages runtime is embedded within the Domino server’s HTTP task. The XSP Command Manager serves as the common link for the Domino HTTP task, the server’s JVM, and the XPages runtime. The XSP command manager is responsible for dispatching XPages’ requests received from the HTTP task and the Domino console, and is also ultimately responsible for the XPages runtime’s lifecycle. The XSP Command Manager has many useful commands built in that enable the administrator or developer to quickly analyze whether a particular XSP setting is causing an issue. It also can generate Java dumps that the development team can analyze.

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