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Adding Events to Your Timeline

Facebook makes it easy to add life events to your Timeline. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Click your name on the Facebook navigation bar (at the top of any Facebook page) to open your Profile page.
  2. Go to the What’s On Your Mind? section at the top of the Timeline, just below the personal information section.
  3. Click Life Event (see Figure 2).
  4. Figure 2 Adding a life event to your Timeline.

  5. When the section expands, click the type of event you wish to add: Work & Education, Family & Relationships, Home & Living, Health & Wellness, or Travel & Experiences.
  6. Facebook now displays options for the type of event you selected. The options available differ by type of event; select the option that best applies to the event you wish to add, or select Other Life Event to add anything not listed here (see Figure 3).
  7. Figure 3 Selecting available options for a new Work & Education event.

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  8. You now see a panel specific to the type of event you selected. For example, if you opted to enter a new job, you see the Started a Job panel, with fields for Employer, Position, Location, When, and so forth (see Figure 4). If you opted to enter a travel event, you see the Traveled panel, with fields for Trip Name, Places Visited, From and To (dates), With, and so forth. Enter the appropriate information for this event.
  9. Figure 4 Adding information about a new job.

  10. In many instances, there is the opportunity to add photos related to the event. For example, if you’re entering a travel event, you can upload vacation photos (see Figure 5). Click Upload a Photo to choose pictures stored on your computer, or Choose from Photos to select pictures previously uploaded to a Facebook photo album.
  11. Figure 5 Adding information—and photos—for a new travel event.

  12. Next, you should determine who can view this event by clicking the privacy button, to the left of the Save button. You can select Public (everyone on Facebook can see the event), Friends (visible only to people on your friends list), or Custom (you select specific individuals or groups that can or cannot view the event). You can also select specific friends list that can view the event (see Figure 6).
  13. Figure 6 Determining who can view a new event.

  14. Once you’ve entered the appropriate information, click the Save button. The event is now posted to your Timeline.

Alternatively, you can add new life events directly to your Timeline. Just scroll to a specific location on the Timeline and hover your cursor over that point in the middle line; your cursor will turn into a plus (+) sign (see Figure 7). Click the center line and, when the pop-up appears, click Life Event. Continue from this point by selecting the type of event and so forth, as just described.

Figure 7 Adding a new event directly to the Timeline.

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