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YouTube's New Channels for Business

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YouTube recently changed its entire user interface, including its channel pages. In this article, YouTube for Business author Michael Miller shows you how to customize the YouTube new channel pages and work around the limitations YouTube has introduced.
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YouTube automatically creates a channel page for every person (or business) who uploads a video to the site. Your channel page is your home page on YouTube; it's where your customers can find all your videos, messages you post, and links to your website.

Because your channel page is your public face on YouTube, you want to customize your channel as much as possible. Ideally, you want to make your YouTube channel page look like your website in terms of colors and graphics.

Unfortunately, YouTube's latest site redesign took away some of the channel customization that was available previously. (YouTube is trying to present a more uniform experience to all its users.)

That said, there's still a lot you can to do customize the appearance and content of your channel page—and you want to do as much as you can.

Understanding YouTube's New Channel Pages

YouTube's new channel pages utilize a very clean design. The top of the page displays your profile picture (what YouTube now calls an avatar), the number of subscribers you have, and the number of video views you've achieved.

You can click the Subscribers link to view all the subscribers, or click the video views link to view statistics associated with your channel and videos, via the new YouTube Analytics function (replaces the old Insights analytics).

Figure 1 YouTube's new channel page design

There are three tabs on most channel pages: Featured, Feed, and Videos. The Featured tab (optional) displays your featured video and playlists. The Feed tab lists messages you've posted as well as other recent actions; think of it as the YouTube equivalent of Facebook's news feed. Finally, the Videos tab displays all the videos you've uploaded, in order of either date uploaded or popularity.

Both the Featured and Feed tabs feature a right-hand sidebar with additional information and content. This is where visitors can read about your company, post comments to your channel, find and click your website's URL, and view other channels you recommend.

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