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What Advertising Options Are Available for Twitter and Facebook?

You can advertise on Twitter directly or through IZEA's Sponsored Tweets offering. What you're actually doing in that case is paying Twitterers to tweet your message. Twitter's paid option isn't directly open to everyone, while Sponsored Tweets is. And neither of these features is as sophisticated as Facebook's advertising platform. Facebook advertising allows you to create as many custom ads as you want, with 16 different targeting criteria to help you reach the best segment of its 800 million users for your business.

Some people dislike advertising; others are in positions such as PR, where an advertising budget typically isn't available. In my opinion, advertising is a crucial part of most social media efforts[md]because that's the best way to get the right social media audience for your business, quickly and accurately. Facebook's ad platform is so powerful that social media managers need to do whatever they can to take advantage of it.

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