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What Can You Achieve via Media and Bloggers?

I think both websites are equally good (or bad, depending on your viewpoint) at letting you find and target news journalists and opinion shapers. In other words, I'd use both Twitter and Facebook. But if you have to choose only one, as is the theme of this article, don't worry too much about your choice.

If you use Facebook, the most effective way to reach media and bloggers is with advertising, which isn't free. You can create ads that target professions, publications, and the workplaces of major media. The way to reach the press on Twitter is typically organic and free: following the individuals and hoping for a return-follow, and @replying to them directly.

Another way public relations can occur in social media is via "trickle-up PR." A tweet or Facebook post can be seen, quoted, and amplified by bloggers. The blog post then may be tweeted or posted, which is noticed by a writer for a trade publication, who then writes an article about it. Any of this activity may also be spotted by writers for major media, which can lead to mass media press.

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