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From the author of Viewing Trends

Viewing Trends

One of Google Currents’ most useful features is the ability to follow a topic (what Currents calls trends) across multiple publications. To view trends, tap the Trending tab on the Currents home page (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 Viewing the latest trends.

When you view a trend, you see the five most popular stories for that given topic. Tap an item and you see a dedicated page for that topic (see Figure 6). This page is divided into three sections: Stories, User Generated (posts, videos, and other from regular users), and About. Tap a section to view even more content.

Figure 6 Viewing a trending topic page.

To add new trends, scroll to the bottom of the Trending tab and tap Add More Trends. Google has preselected a handful of trends that are easy to subscribe to – Top Stories (on by default), World, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Technology, and Science. To subscribe to any of these trends, simply tap the On/Off control to the On position (see Figure 7).

Figure 7 Subscribing to trends.

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