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Reading Newspapers on Your NOOK Tablet

In addition to books, B&N provides newspaper subscriptions for your NOOK Tablet. B&N automatically delivers subscription content to your NOOK Tablet if a Wi-Fi connection is available.

For more information on subscribing to content on your NOOK Tablet, see Chapter 11.

Unlike books, newspaper content isn’t presented in a linear format. Content is often presented as article headlines followed by a small synopsis of each article (see Figure 3.28). To read the specific article, tap the headline for that article. After an article is open, use swipe left and right gestures to navigate between pages just as you do when reading a book.

Figure 3.28

Figure 3.28 Reading a newspaper.

Tapping the screen displays the Reading Tools, which are the same as the ebook Read Tools (see Figure 3.29).

Figure 3.29

Figure 3.29 The Reading Tools bar is the same for ebooks and newspapers.

Many newspapers set their contents to go from section to section. Tap the Content button and tap the section (scroll if you need to) to go to that section (see Figure 3.30), where you can see a list of articles.

Figure 3.30

Figure 3.30 Use the Contents feature to navigate quickly from section to section.

Newspaper content often contains links that make navigating the content easier. For example, when reading The New York Times, you can move to the next or previous articles (as available) by tapping Previous Article or Next Article.

For more information on subscription content, including when your NOOK Tablet automatically deletes subscription content, see Chapter 11.

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