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  1. Simulating a scene using IB’s Simulate Document feature also compiles the project’s code in Xcode. True or false?
  2. What tool can you use within the iOS Simulator to help review accessibility of objects in your apps?
  3. What two connection types can be made in the Xcode Interface Builder?


  1. False. Simulating a scene does not use the project code at all. As a result, the interface will not perform any actions that rely on underlying code.
  2. The Accessibility Inspector makes it possible to view the accessibility attributes configured within Interface Builder.
  3. Connections to outlets and actions can be created in Interface Builder. A connection to an outlet provides a means of referencing and working with a UI element in code. A connection to an action defines a UI event, such as a button press, that will execute the action’s method.


  1. Practice using the interface layout tools on the Empty.storyboard file. Add each available interface object to your view, and then review the Attributes Inspector for that object. If an attribute doesn’t make sense, remember that you can review documentation for the class to identify the role of each of its properties.
  2. Revise the Disconnected project with an accessible interface. Review the finished design using the Accessibility Inspector in the iOS Simulator.
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