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Step 1: Storyboard the Video Flow

If you can't afford to hire someone else to create your video, you still can create a high-quality video at low cost. The important thing to remember is that certain steps should be followed to end up with a good finished product.

To get started, take some time to storyboard your video. This means that you lay out all the steps of the video, clip by clip. Here's a sample outline of the steps to follow for storyboarding the flow of your app video:

  1. Display your company logo for several seconds (if you have one).
  2. Display your app's logo for several seconds.
  3. Display your app's logo (if you have one) with the app's tagline for several seconds. Your tagline could say something about your app such as "Revolutionizing Task Management," for example.
  4. Show the app in action, starting with key selling points or key benefits of the app.
  5. Transition to show the key selling point(s) highlighted, such as "The App That Organizes You."
  6. Move to the next feature or key selling point.
  7. Display a transition with this key selling-point highlighted.
  8. Repeat this process for a few of the key features or selling points of your app.
  9. Display the closing tagline for your app, display your app logo again, and then display your product's website.
  10. Conclude with a call to action such as "Buy It Now on the App Store," or some comparable comment for the viewer to take action.
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