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Creating an App Video on a Shoestring Budget

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Creating a video for your iPhone or iPad app is important, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune, says Jeffrey Hughes, author of iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your iPhone and iPad Apps. With some relatively simple and inexpensive tools, you can simulate, record, and dub music to your app video. No genius or deep pockets required, but a polished video is a must.
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Looking for ideas on how to create a first-rate video to showcase your app? If you can spend a bundle, it's easy, and many tools are available. But most of us have a little less available cash, so in this article we'll look at some of the least-expensive options for producing a quality video.

Two Video Types

To start, consider creating two videos, rather than one. Don't worry; you can do it without spending twice as much money. Let's look at the two styles of videos that you might want to create.

Video 1: Attention-Grabber

The first video is a brief, attention-getting presentation that highlights the essence of what your app does. Your goal with this type of video is to attract people's attention to your app[md]and attracting them may be all you need to do to get them to purchase. A great example of an introductory app video is one for the Any To Do app. This video is clear, catchy, and easy to follow. It's also about a minute in length, which should be perfect to convey the essence of what your app does.

Video 2: Brief Instruction

The second type of app video is instructional, teaching people about how to use the app or explaining its features. This type of app video, typically 2–3 minutes in length, is helpful when you have a complex app with many features that may need explaining or demonstration. For examples of this type of video, check out the ones for the Moog Music app, which allows the user to create music on an iPhone or iPad.

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