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Facial Expression

Facial expression tracks the position of your eyebrows and mouth. This combined input gives Kinect enough information to capture facial expressions given the proper lighting. Avatar Kinect currently is the only game that has used this Kinect function.

  • Avatar Kinect uses this functionality to make your avatar imitate your facial expressions. It offers you the ability to record a skit with your avatar, facial expressions included, within any number of scenes like an enchanted forest, a beach scene, a late night talk show, and other interesting backdrops. But where is the fun in that without friends? The good news is that you can invite up to five friends for an avatar party of six, enabling you to sit around talking and emoting with avatars of your "real" friends.
  • Future games could use this technology in many different ways. Imagine an MMO where you could actually see your friend's emotions expressed through their avatars' faces as you are cooperatively battling a dragon in a quest. Imagine a remake of a classic 2D fighter in which the player's expressions are tied to their characters animated facial expressions. There are many possibilities that are fun to ponder on for future gaming, and Avatar Kinect gives us merely a glimpse of that.

Figure 3 Avatar Kinect lets you do your own comedy skit through your avatar.

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