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Top 10 Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

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There are plenty of apps you can either download for free or purchase and download to enhance the capabilities of your Galaxy Tab. Eric Butow recommends 10 apps that you may want to consider downloading to make the Tab work even better for you.
Like this article? We recommend

Like this article? We recommend

Are you ready to have some fun shopping? The Android Market has plenty of apps available for your Galaxy Tab at your fingertips. Many apps are free, but you'll also find that many of the apps that require you to purchase them are also worth considering.

This article lists my top 10 recommended apps for the Galaxy Tab beyond the apps we discussed in My Samsung Galaxy Tab. The apps include utilities, news and information gatherers, notes, drawing, photo editing, and online radio. (Sorry, no Angry Birds here.)

Don't feel that you have to download these apps. Check them out in the Market and see what you think[md]like all apps in the Market, the Market pages for the apps in this article have information about the app, screenshots, reviews from actual users, and more. After you've checked out some of these apps, explore the Market to your heart's content.

Below the description for each app, I'll indicate whether the app is a free app or how much the app costs.

Titanium Backup for Android

When you turn your Galaxy Tab off, you lose all data that you have in memory unless the app(s) you're using let you save files to a specific location such as your memory card. Like your desktop or laptop PC, saving your work files on your Tab won't help you in case of a catastrophic event such as a drop to the floor. If you want an automated (or manual) backup solution, consider Titanium Backup for Android.

Though there is a free version, I highly recommend that you purchase the Pro version because it contains crucial features including a layer of protection against accidental deletion of your backups, you have the ability to sync to and from Dropbox (which is an app available for free), send backups by e-mail, and more.

You will need to root your Galaxy Tab for Titanium Backup to work; type root galaxy tab in your favorite search engine to get more information about how to do that.

Price: $6.58

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