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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using doubleTwist to Synchronize Audio and Video

You can transfer music collections that you have on your computer with your EVO 3D by connecting your phone as an external drive or by using software such as doubleTwist. If you have not installed doubleTwist, please follow the directions in the prologue.

Running doubleTwist and Mounting Your EVO 3D

You need to use the supplied USB cable to connect your EVO 3D to your Mac or PC. When you connect your EVO 3D to your computer, you can choose a connection type that allows your phone to charge only or connect as a disk drive.

  1. Connect your EVO 3D to your computer using the USB cable. The connection type screen is accessible, but you have to unlock your phone to see it.
  2. Slide to unlock your phone and then choose to connect as a Disk drive. If you waited too long to make a choice on the connection screen, the screen disappears, but you can pull down the Notification panel and then tap the default Charge Only setting to reset the connection type.

  3. Tap the Disk Drive option.

  4. Tap Done at the bottom to connect to your computer.

Synchronizing Music by Dragging Files

After you have connected your EVO to your computer and your phone is visible in doubleTwist, you can copy music by simply dragging and dropping files.

  1. In doubleTwist, click Music to view all of the music on your computer.

  2. Find and select the song(s) you want and copy to your EVO 3D.
  3. Drag the file(s) to your EVO 3D located under Devices. A red icon should appear when your mouse is over the EVO icon, indicating the number files transferred. When you drop the files, the music is copied to your phone.

Synchronizing Existing Playlists

If you use iTunes to manage your music collection on your computer, you might have already created playlists that you would like to import into doubleTwist.

doubleTwist makes it easy for you to import iTunes Playlist.

  1. Click Playlists to reveal the playlists.

  2. Click Playlist Setup.
  3. If you are on a PC and you don’t use Windows Media Player to manage your music, deselect WMP on your PC.
  4. Click Import if you are using a PC. (Click Import iTunes Playlists if you are using a Mac.) Your iTunes Playlists appear in the sidebar.

  5. Click your EVO 3D in the Devices list.

  6. If you are using a PC, select the Music tab. If you are using a Mac, skip to step 7.
  7. Select Import new music from device to import music from your EVO 3D to your computer.
  8. Select Sync Music to My Device.
  9. Select the Only the Selected option, if you are using a PC. Select the Selected Playlists option for a Mac.
  10. Select the playlist(s) you want to sync.
  11. Click Sync. The new music on your EVO 3D is now synced to your computer, and the playlists you selected are synced to your EVO 3D.

Creating Playlist

If you do not use iTunes and therefore will not be synchronizing iTunes playlists with doubleTwist, you can create new playlists from within doubleTwist by taking the following steps.

  1. Click in the Playlist section, go to Library if you are using a PC, and then select New Playlist. On a Mac, click the New Playlist button.

  2. Enter the name of the new playlist.

  3. Locate the music you would like to use for the playlist on your computer in the Music Section of doubleTwist.

  4. Drag the music to your new playlist. When you are finished adding songs, repeat the steps in the Synchronizing Existing Playlist section to sync the new playlist to your EVO 3D.

Copying Video

doubleTwist has a great feature that saves you the step of having to manually convert video files on your computer so that they work on your mobile phone.doubleTwist automatically optimizes videos by converting the screen size and CODEC when you drag and drop video files from your computer to your EVO 3D.

  1. Click Videos under Library in doubleTwist and locate the video(s) that you want to copy to your EVO 3D.

  2. Drag the video(s) to your EVO 3D. If the video is located in your iTunes archive, regardless if it has no DRM, you will not be able to copy it to your phone.
  3. A progress bar is displayed within doubleTwist to represent the progress of the video transcoding process.
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