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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Watching TV and Movies

Your EVO 3D is packed full of entertainment outlets for you to watch free and paid TV programs and also to rent and purchase movies. The Sprint TV & Movies app is a great one-stop-shop for you to access exciting video content. The Blockbuster On Demand app gives you access to a huge library of featured movies.

Sprint TV & Movies

The Sprint TV & Movies app puts LiveTV and On Demand content at your fingertips including movies, premium channels such as ESPN On Demand, Disney XD, ABC Family, Comedy Central, MTV, and Discovery channel. These are just a few of the offerings.

  1. Tap the Apps icon on the Home screen.

  2. Scroll until you find the Sprint TV & Movies application icon and then tap it.

  3. If this is your first time starting this app, a message appears informing you that the content is subject to location-based restrictions and requires access to your location information. Tap Accept.

  4. You must turn off Wi-Fi before you can view Sprint TV. If you have launched the Sprint TV & Movies app before disabling Wi-Fi, you see a message. Tap Disable Wi-Fi. The Sprint TV & Movies app Home screen opens.

  5. Slide your finger right to left to browse through featured shows.

  6. Tap to view Live TV listings that are available.
  7. Tap to browse on demand television content. Content that you have to pay for is marked with a dollar sign next to each channel listing.
  8. Tap to purchase movies.
  9. Tap to shop for channel subscriptions.
  10. Tap an icon on the Live Channels Section at the bottom of the screen to start viewing Live TV.

Blockbuster On Demand Application

Your EVO 3D enables you to browse and download one of the largest catalogs of movies, including 3D titles with the preloaded Blockbuster On Demand application. There are no monthly fees for this app, just pay as you go. Rentals range from $1.99 to $3.99 and purchases from $5.99 and up. You can set up a Blockbuster On Demand account on your EVO 3D in very little time.

  1. Registering involves a bit of typing, so consider creating an account on your computer. Open a browser and go to Blockbuster.com.

  2. Click On Demand.

  3. Click On Demand Devices.
  4. Under MOBILE, click Sprint.

  5. Click to activate HTC EVO 3D.

  6. Enter your information, click in the box to accept the Terms and Conditions, and then click Create Account.

  7. Fill out the form and then tap Continue.

  8. Enter your credit card information and billing address then click Continue. You do not need the PIN number to activate your EVO 3D.

  9. On your EVO 3D, tap the Apps icon to view the Apps menu.

  10. Tap the Blockbuster app icon.

  11. Tap click to go to Android Market.

  12. Tap Update.

  13. Tap OK to begin the download. The application updates and then closes.

  14. Tap the Blockbuster app icon again to open the application. The Blockbuster Main screen opens.

  15. Tap Settings.

  16. Tap Activate Device.

  17. Tap Activate Now.

  18. Enter your Email Address and Password for the account and then tap Sign In. Activation is now complete.

  19. Tap Go Browse to search for titles.

Finding Movies on Blockbuster and Changing Settings

After you launch the Blockbuster application, there are several ways for you to search content from the home page. You can access the many movie categories of Blockbuster from the home page, as well as browse the collection of movies you have downloaded and tweak settings.

  1. Tap Movie Categories to browse the Blockbuster library by movie genre.

  2. Tap locations to use your EVO 3D’s GPS capability to locate your local Blockbuster.
  3. Tap Library to browse the collection of Blockbuster movies you have downloaded.
  4. Tap Settings to deactivate your device, instruct the Blockbuster app to use your current GPS location, and to check for new versions of the Blockbuster app. You can also press the Menu button on your EVO 3D from any screen to access the settings screen.

Renting and Purchasing Movies on Blockbuster

The process for renting and purchasing movies is the same. When you have set up a Blockbuster On Demand account and have registered a credit card, you can begin downloading your movie selections in just a few clicks.

  1. Browse to the movie you want to rent or purchase and then tap Get It.

  2. Tap In Store to check availably of the movie for rent at your local Blockbuster.

  3. Tap By Mail to rent the movie and have it mailed to you.
  4. Tap On Demand to rent or buy the movie and have it downloaded directly to your phone.
  5. Tap to rent or buy the movie.

  6. Tap Confirm to rent or purchase the movie and begin downloading. If you rent the movie, you have 30 days to watch it, and then the movie is no longer accessible from your phone.
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