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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Recording Videos with the Camera Application

Your EVO 3D uses dual 5-megapixel, auto-focusing, rear-facing cameras located on the back of the device, to capture 720p video in 3D or 2D. The EVO 3D is also equipped with a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, so you can video chat. Both Photo and Video modes come with a unique group of settings to help you capture the best image.

Recording Video

  1. Tap Camera to launch the application. You can also hold the physical camera button on the side of your EVO 3D until you feel a vibration.

  2. Tap to switch from the still camera to the video position.

  3. Slide the physical switch on the side of the EVO 3D to select either 2D or 3D recording. For the best 3D video, you must hold your phone in landscape orientation while recording.
  4. Drag the Zoom slider to enlarge the framed scene. Be wary of this setting because it degrades the image.

  5. Tap in the viewfinder to selectively focus on an area in the shot and to automatically adjust the exposure. You hear a chime after you adjust the focus and exposure.
  6. Touch the onscreen Record button or press the physical Camera button on the side of your EVO 3D to begin recording video. Tap the onscreen Record button or press the physical Camera button again to stop recording.

Changing Video Settings

There are more settings you can adjust that enable you to configure the Camera app before you begin recording video. Your phone is also equipped with some very helpful features commonly found on dedicated video cameras, including a video light to brighten dark scenes, manual and automatic white balance, as well as manual exposure, contrast, saturation, and sharpness controls.

  1. Tap to review recorded videos.

  2. Tap to switch between video and still camera modes.
  3. Tap to switch between back and front-facing cameras.
  4. Tap to turn on the video light to brighten dark scenes.
  5. Tap to add in-camera effects including Grayscale, Sepia, Negative, and Solarize.
  6. Press the Menu button on your EVO 3D to access Settings.
  7. Tap to access slide controls that enable you to adjust the Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness of scenes.

  8. Tap to change the white balance so that the camera can capture colors more accurately in different lighting environments. The Auto setting works well in most lighting situations.
  9. Tap to select a default video resolution to use. Take note that by default, your EVO 3D is not set at the highest resolution possible for your phone, which is 1280×720.
  10. After you record a video, your EVO 3D automatically lets you review the video you have just captured and then returns you to the viewfinder screen. Tap this setting to set the time for a recorded video to be displayed on the review screen before the screen changes back to the viewfinder.
  11. Tap to turn stereo audio recording Off and On.
  12. Scroll down to view more settings.
  13. Tap to toggle between recording with or without audio.

  14. Tap to reset all settings to their original factory default states.
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