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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Managing Playlists

Playlists are a great way to create a compilation of your favorite songs for playback on your EVO 3D. Use playlists to organize the best songs from your favorite artists, acoustic selections, party music, classic rock, orchestral master-pieces, relaxation tracks, and more.

Creating a New Playlist

The Music app provides a number of ways to browse your music library to select songs to add to playlist.

  1. Tap to view the music library.

  2. Tap the Playlists category.

  3. Tap the Add icon to add a playlist. You can also press the Menu button and choose Add a Playlist from the menu.

  4. Enter a playlist name.

  5. Tap Add songs to playlist.
  6. Tap the Songs category at the bottom to view a list of all songs.

  7. Tap each song that you want to place in the playlist. A green check mark appears to the right of each track to signify it has been selected.

  8. Tap Add to add the song(s) to the playlist.
  9. An X appears to the right of each added track in the new playlist, allowing you to delete a track if needed.

  10. Tap to save the playlist.

Adding Songs to an Existing Playlist

  1. Tap the Playlist category and then tap the name of the playlist to which you want to add songs.

  2. Press the Menu button and then tap Add Songs.

  3. Tap the Songs category to browse a complete list of songs or choose your own preferred category to search for songs.

  4. Select songs to add to the playlist. Selected songs are identified by a green check mark.

  5. Tap Add. The songs are added to the playlist.

Changing the Order of Songs in a Playlist

  1. With the playlist open, press the Menu button.

  2. Tap Change Order.
  3. Use the handle to drag and rearrange the songs within the playlist.

  4. Tap Done.

Renaming or Deleting Playlists

  1. Tap the Playlist category.

  2. Touch and hold your finger on a playlist. A menu appears.
  3. Select Rename in the menu to enter a new name for the playlist and save the new name.

  4. Tap Delete Playlist to remove one. Deleting the playlist does not delete the songs from your phone.
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