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Customize iCloud-Related Features

One advantage of using iOS 5 on your iPhone or iPad is that you no longer need to connect it to your primary computer to perform backups, sync data, or transfer content. This is what Apple refers to as "PC Free." These tasks can now all be done wirelessly, via iCloud, using an Internet connection.

To use iCloud Backup or iCloud's Photo Stream feature, or to download iTunes Store purchased movies or TV shows, a Wi-Fi connection is required. However, for most other uses of iCloud, a 3G Internet connection works fine.

It is necessary, however, to activate the specific iCloud functions you want to use in conjunction with your iPhone or iPad. To do this, launch the Settings app, and from the main Settings menu, tap the iCloud option.

From the iCloud menu within Settings, make sure the email account you used to set up your iCloud account (which is typically your Apple ID[nd]related email address) is displayed near the top of the screen, within the Account field.

Below the Account field, you'll see a listing of apps that can work in conjunction with iCloud. One at a time, turn on iCloud functionality for each compatible app by tapping the virtual on/off switch that's associated with the app and turning it to the On position.

When you turn on iCloud functionality related to Mail, this applies only to your free iCloud[nd]related email account, which you either set up when you created your iCloud account, or that you transferred from your pre-existing MobileMe account.

By turning the virtual switch on that is associated with Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Bookmarks, and Notes, for example, this allows your iOS device to automatically sync data between that app and iCloud (and ultimately with other computers or iOS devices that are linked to the same iCloud account).

Photo Stream allows you to share, between your computer and iOS devices, the most recent 1,000 images you've shot. At any time, however, you can save individual images from your Photo Stream to your iOS device using the Save Image command. After 30 days, all images from your Photo Stream are automatically saved permanently on your primary computer.

If you plan to use the Pages, Keynote, or Numbers app with your iOS device (or any other third-party app that allows you to sync files with iCloud), make sure you turn on the virtual on/off switch that's associated with the Documents & Data option.

The Find My iPhone (Find My iPad) feature can also be turned on or off by tapping on the virtual switch associated with this iOS 5 option, which now fully integrates with iCloud.

Find My iPhone/iPad is used to pinpoint the exact location of your iOS device if it gets lost or stolen. Simply visit http://www.iCloud.com/find to locate your iPhone or iPad, as long as this feature is turned on.

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