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On the Bleeding Edge with KDE2

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Download, install, and experiment with pre-beta versions of KDE2 without damaging your existing KDE setup.

When KDE version 2, known popularly as KDE2, is released in mid-2000, it is likely to produce enormous excitement in the Linux desktop world. Those who have followed the early stages of its development are quick to say that it will put an end, once and for all, to the frequently uttered claim that Linux isn't a desktop operating system.

As it happens, you, too, can get a preview of KDE2. It's largely functional even now—in fact, as this document is being written, KDE2 serves as the Linux desktop on this machine. As you'll learn in this article, getting and setting up the latest development version isn't trivial, but it isn't difficult, either.

Please note that although these instructions (if followed carefully) should eliminate the possibility of an unrecoverable system desktop, this entire process is experimental, as is any work with pre-beta code. I highly recommend that you read this entire document before you try it; if something that is mentioned exceeds your skills, it's best to wait until release versions of KDE2 are available. In the meantime, you can learn the skills mentioned here—they are all necessary for the effective use of Linux.

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