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Reading Posts from a List

One of the benefits of these new friends lists is that they make it easier to read only those status updates you care most about. For example, if you have Family list, you can choose to read only posts from family members, and thus ignore those posts from your legion of non-family friends.

To read posts from the members of a given list, simply go to the Lists section of the Facebook Home page and click the name of that list. This displays the list page, with a news feed of updates from only list members (see Figure 4).

Figure 4 Reading status updates from members of a friends list.

Posting to a List

Here’s another neat aspect of Facebook’s friends list. When you post a new status update, you can opt to post only to members of a given list. There are two ways to do this.

First, you can go to that list’s page and post your status update from there. Any posts you make from the list page are visible only to members of that list.

You can also direct a status update to a given list when you post from the Facebook Home page—you know, the one with the news feed on it. Create a status update as normal, then click the second blue button from the right (Public, by default), and make a selection from the pull-down menu (see Figure 5).

Directing a status update to members of a friends list.

You can opt to make the post Public (anyone who’s subscribed to your posts can read it), visible to all your Friends, or Custom (you select individuals who can and can’t view it). Even better, you can select a specific friends list, and the post will be visible only to members of that list.

This makes friends lists essential for segmenting your status updates. You can post family-oriented updates to your Family list, work-related information to your Work list, and sensitive personal information only to members of your Close Friends list. Friends in other lists will never see the posts you don’t specifically direct to them.

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