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From the author of Hiding Friends and Posts You Don’t Like

Hiding Friends and Posts You Don’t Like

What do you do when you have a Facebook friend who you really don’t want to read about at all? Fortunately, there’s a way to completely hide updates from these people in your News Feed.

All you have to do is hover over an update from that person to display the down arrow to the right of the update. Click the down arrow and select Unsubscribe from Friend. Voila—no more status updates from this person will appear in your News Feed, ever. Nice!

You can also hide individual status updates in your News Feed. Just click the aforementioned down arrow and select Hide Story. Simple as that, the item is no longer visible.

Hiding Updates from Applications and Games

Some status updates aren’t really updates from that person, but rather updates from an application or game that the person is using or playing. For example, you might see status updates alerting you that a friend has achieved a certain level on Farmville, or killed someone in Mafia Wars, or read a new book in their Goodreads library.

Personally, I hate these automatically generated updates, especially from people who incessantly play these social games. I really don’t care one whit about the games my friends are playing or the apps they’re using; these updates just take up valuable space in my News Feed.

Now, you could decide to hide all posts from a game-addicted friend, but that would also hide any important posts they might make. (If, in fact, they take time off from game playing to post something interesting.) A better option is to hide the posts from that game or application, so that you’re never bothered by Farmville or Mafia Wars again.

Hiding posts from an application or game is similar to hiding posts from a person. Start by finding one of these annoying application-generated posts, then point to the post to display the down arrow. When the pop-up menu appears, click Hide All by Application. This hides all future posts from this application regarding all your friends. You can banish Farmville forever!

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