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Using the Skype App on Your iPad 2

After the installation is complete, launch the Skype app from your iPad's Home Screen, sign into your Skype account, and tap the User icon (displaying your name and photo). From the resulting My Info window, you can change your Status (which is publicly viewable); choose Online, Away, or Do Not Disturb. You can also add a personal Status message, or opt to be invisible to other Skype users while you're connected to the service. At this point, you can also create or update your online Skype profile, turn Call Forwarding on or off (so you never miss a Skype call), or add Skype credit to your account.

Once you log into Skype from your iPad, you'll remain connected to the service until you tap the Sign Out icon in the My Info window. If you prefer, you can keep the Skype app running, using the iPad's multitasking capabilities to access other apps.

The Skype app also offers a Contacts screen that displays the names and photos (if applicable) of your Skype contacts, allowing for one-touch dialing or one-touch text messaging. Plus, you can view a detailed Call History, redialing any contact from that history list with a single tap.

Adding a contact to your Skype Contacts screen is easy. Simply tap the plus sign (+) in the upper-right corner of the iPad's screen, and then tap the Search Skype Directory option to find a fellow Skype user, or tap the Save a Phone Number option to enter a name and phone number manually.

To initiate a call to a traditional landline or cell phone, tap the phone keypad option near the upper-right corner of the screen. When the phone keypad appears, enter the phone number, using the 11-digit standard format (1 plus area code and phone number), or adding a country code for international calls.

As you initiate Skype-to-Skype contact with someone, you'll be able to start a real-time videoconference, voice call, instant messaging chat, or text message by tapping the appropriate icon displayed under the contact's name. For voice calls, the iPad's built-in microphone and speaker are used to transform the tablet into a feature-packed speakerphone, or you can use a wireless Bluetooth headset. For videoconferencing, use either the front- or rear-facing camera of the iPad.

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