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Committing Your Changes

Now that you have brought your sources up to date with the rest of the group and tested them, you are ready to commit your changes to the repository and make them visible to the rest of the group. The only file you've modified is httpc.c, but it's always safe to run cvs update to get a list of the modified files from CVS:

$ cvs update
cvs update: Updating .
M httpc.c

As expected, the only file CVS mentions is httpc.c; it says that this file contains changes that you have not yet committed. You can commit them like so:

$ cvs commit httpc.c

At this point, CVS will start up your favorite editor and prompt you for a log message describing the change. When you exit the editor, CVS will commit your change:

Checking in httpc.c;
/u/src/master/httpc/httpc.c,v  <--  httpc.c
new revision: 1.8; previous revision: 1.7

Now that you have committed your changes, they are visible to the rest of the group. When another developer runs cvs update, CVS will merge your changes to httpc.c into her working directory.

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