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Performance Summary for Document-literal Web Service with Medium Payload

  • Payload size: Medium (50KB)

  • Ramp up: 25 users per minute

  • Iteration pacing: 120 seconds

  • Total test duration: 35 minutes

Figure 3 shows response time versus number of virtual users for this test.

Figure 3Figure 3 Performance summary for document-literal web service with medium payload.

The following table shows the results of each measurement.



Number of users at 25% CPU utilization


Total transactions failed


Average response time

0.412 seconds

Refreshingly, performance numbers for a document-literal web services infrastructure layer with a moderate payload were far superior to what we observed with RPC-style web services. Transaction response time was about 400 milliseconds, up from the 200 milliseconds we saw with low-payload transactions. The most encouraging observation with this test was that there were no failed transactions despite ramping up simultaneous user base to 600 users before we hit the 25% CPU utilization mark.

This test emphatically states the superiority of document-literal web services over its non-production-capable RPC-style counterpart. With these encouraging results, we decided to get similar numbers for a heavy payload with document-literal services.

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