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Best Uses of Skype for Business

Flex time and remote work require more trust of remote employees and technology that empowers remote collaboration. Because the range of work hours for every employee may be greater, asynchronous communication devices such as email and chats—which can be replied to the next time the worker is available—are essential.

So here are the best business uses for Skype:

  • Video conference with colleagues, supervisors, employees and customers.
  • Instant message or Facebook with colleagues while collaborating on a project.
  • Multi-chat about a project and share web links and rich media such as audio and video while chatting.
  • For smaller businesses that need efficient real-time customer service, create a Skype account for customers to connect and chat with their questions.
  • Make a business call with Skype and record the call; you can refer to it afterward and don't have to take notes during the call. Make sure the other person knows you are recording and don't use the recording publicly without their permission.
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