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Questions to Be Answered

This book addresses many questions about drugs and the brain, including:

  • Why is it said that addiction is a brain disorder rather than perhaps a moral failing?
  • What happens in the brain of someone who uses drugs repeatedly?
  • Can better medications for addicted individuals be expected in the future?
  • Why is drug abuse chronic and relapsing, which is part of the essence of this disorder?
  • Why are drugs so powerful that they can gain control of our behaviors, but we can't give up responsibility for our actions?
  • Will I become drug dependent?
  • Are there differences among, men, women, adolescents, and older adults in how they respond to and experience drugs?
  • Can one recover from drug addiction and be cured?
  • The stigma of being a drug abuser is a problem in that it often prevents searching for treatment or dealing with the problem openly.
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