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My Droid: Setting the Date, Time, and Calendar

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In this chapter, you learn how to set the time, use the Clock application, and use the Calendar application.
This chapter is from the book

Topics in this chapter include the following:

  • Synchronizing to the correct time
  • Working with the Clock application
  • Setting alarms
  • Working with the Calendar

With the exception of the DROID X, your DROID has a great Clock application that you can further enhance with the use of the optional Desktop Dock. The Calendar application synchronizes to your Google or Microsoft Exchange Calendars and enables you to create meetings while on the road and to always know where your next meeting is.

Setting the Date and Time

Before we start working with the Clock and Calendar applications, we need to make sure that your DROID has the correct date and time.

  1. Press the Menu button, and touch Settings.

  2. Touch Date & Time.

  3. Touch to enable or disable synchronizing time and date with the wireless carrier. It is best to leave this enabled as it automatically sets date, time, and time zone based on where you are travelling.
  4. Touch to set the date if you choose to disable network synchronization.
  5. Touch to set the time zone if you choose to disable network synchronization.
  6. Touch to set the time if you choose to disable network synchronization.
  7. Touch to enable or disable the use of 24-hour time format. This makes your DROID represent time without AM or PM. For example 1:00PM becomes 13:00.
  8. Touch to change the way in which the date is represented. For example in the U.S. we normally write the date with the month first (12/31/2010). You can make your DROID display the date with day first (31/12/2010) or with the year first (2010/12/31).
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