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Using Location-Based Alerts Using Reminders on an iPhone

On the iPhone, when you tap on the Remind Me option, on the Remind Me screen for that item, an At A Location field will be displayed under the On A Day field. When you tap on this option to turn on the virtual switch associated with it, a pop-up window will appear stating, "Reminders would like to use your current location." Tap on the OK icon to continue, and allow the app to use your iPhone's GPS capabilities to pinpoint your location.

Below the At A Location option, several additional options will now appear. Tap on the Location option you want to associate with this item. You can use your Current Location, your Home Address, or select the Choose Location option, and add any address that's listed within your Contacts database that's associated with the Contacts app.

Prior to setting up a grocery list, you can use the Maps app to pinpoint the exact location of your favorite grocery store, and then save that location as a listing within your Contacts database. In the search field of the Maps app, for example, enter "Stop & Shop, Mansfield, MA." When the Maps app finds this supermarket and displays it on the map, tap on the listing to reveal the Info screen. Scroll down on the Info screen, and tap on Add to Contacts. Now, the address for the local Stop & Shop in Mansfield, MA, for example, will be stored in your Contacts database, and will be accessible from within Reminders.

After associating an address from your Contacts database to the At A Location option within Reminders, tap on either the When I Leave or When I Arrive option that's displayed on the Remind Me screen. If you tap on When I Arrive, your Grocery List, along with the Milk item, will appear on your iPhone's screen, and an audible alert will be generated by your iPhone, when you arrive at the supermarket. For now, tap on the Done icon to save this information.

Likewise, you can set a location-based alert and list to activate and be displayed every morning when you arrive at work, or every afternoon, as soon as you return from lunch, for example.

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