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About Corsaire

Corsaire are experts at securing information systems. Through our commitment to excellence we help organisations protect their information assets, whilst communicating more effectively. Whether they are interacting with customers, employees, business partners or shareholders, our sound advice can help our clients reduce corporate risk and achieve tangible value from their investments.

Privately founded in 1997 and with offices in the UK and Australia, Corsaire are known for our personable service delivery and an ability to combine both technical and commercial aspects into a single business solution. With over eight years experience in providing information security solutions to the UK Government's National Security Agencies, Government departments and major private and non-profit sectors, we are considered a leading specialist in the delivery of information security planning, assessment, implementation and management.

Corsaire take a holistic view to information security. We view both business and security objectives as inseparable and work in partnership with our clients to achieve a cost-effective balance between the two. Through our consultative, vendor-neutral methods we ensure that whatever solution is recommended, an organisation will never be overexposed, nor carry the burden of unnecessary technical measures.

Corsaire have one of the most respected and experienced teams of principal consultants available in the industry and have consistently brought fresh ideas and innovation to the information security arena. We take pride in being a knowledge-based organisation, but we don't just stop there. Through a culture of knowledge-share, we are also committed to improving our client's internal understanding of security principles.

It is this approach to knowledge that differentiates us from most other information security consultancies. As a mark of this, we are known globally through our active contribution to the security research community, publishing papers and advisories on a regular basis. These we share freely with our clients, providing them with immediate access to the most up-to-date information risk management advice available, allowing them to minimize their exposure and gain an instant competitive advantage.

Whilst it is imperative for us to offer a high level of security to our clients, we believe that it is of equal bearing to provide a high level of service. At Corsaire our clients are not only protected but valued too. We work hard at building strong relationships that are founded on the cornerstones of respect and trust. With 80% of our customer base deriving from referrals we are certain that our clients value the quality, flexibility and integrity that partnering with Corsaire brings.

For more information contact us at info@corsaire.com or visit our website at http://www.corsaire.com

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