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How to Select the Best App Store for Your Android App

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Okay, you have a terrific new Android app. What's next? How can you get the zillions of people out there with Android devices to hear about your app — and, more importantly, to buy it, use it, and praise it with five-star reviews? Jeffrey Hughes, author of Android Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your Android App, points out the most important sites to consider for marketing a new app.
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Plenty of Choices

With so many Android app stores out there, which stores are best for your app? The good news is that you can choose from among multiple app stores to market your Android apps. The bad news is multiple app stores are available for buyers to choose their Android apps. In this article, we'll take a look at a couple of the top Android sites, consider their positives and negatives, and this information should help you to decide the best place to post your app.

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