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The Four Building Blocks of Brand Positioning

Those who spend all of their time thinking about brands and brand positioning can make the subject seem incredibly complex. Before you know it, these experts will fill you up with so much marketing jargon and so many impressive-sounding positioning principles and rules that your head may end up exploding from the pressure.

Yet the best-executed positioning won't always come from these sorts of experts. Great positioning is often developed by the people who know the brand best, the people who are most passionate about the brand, when they are allowed to play a key role in the positioning process.

So, where many experts might attempt to convince you that positioning is a complex process best left to people like them, my goal in this book is to show you basic brand positioning is simple and can be done by anyone—with or without marketing and advertising experience.

While any person in any organization can help create great brand positioning, whether he has a high tolerance for marketing-speak or not, to do so he must first understand some basic concepts.

I've attempted to simplify the jargon down to four key principles I believe form the foundation of solidly constructed brand positioning. I call these principles "the four building blocks" of brand positioning, and I refer to them often throughout the book.

The four main building blocks of good brand positioning:

  1. The competitive frame of reference
  2. Points of difference
  3. Points of parity
  4. The brand mantra
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