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From the author of Viewing Friends' Profiles and Photos

Viewing Friends' Profiles and Photos

It's easy enough to view the profile pages and photos of your Facebook friends. Tap the Menu button to go to the application screen; then tap the Friends icon. When the friends list appears, tap a letter on the right side of the page to go to that alphabetical part of the list, or just scroll up or down the list. Tap a friend's name to view his or her profile. (You can also tap the telephone icon next to a friend's name to place a phone call to that person—if that person has publicly listed his or her phone number with Facebook.)

A profile on the iPhone app looks a little different from one on Facebook's website. First off, you only have three "tabs" or screens: Wall, Info, and Photos. The Wall screen is, as you'd suspect, the mobile version of your friend's wall, with all recent postings. The Info screen displays basic information about your friend—not as much as on the Facebook site, but enough to know who you're dealing with.

Figure 10 Viewing a friend's Facebook profile

The Photos screen displays a list of all the photo albums your friend has uploaded. Tap an album to view the contents; tap a picture thumbnail to view that photo full screen. Once you've displayed one photo in an album, you can move to the next or previous photo by swiping the screen left or right. Return to the containing album by tapping the album button at the top left of the screen.

Figure 11 Viewing a photo on Facebook's iPhone app

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