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From the author of Viewing Your News Feed

Viewing Your News Feed

Most people use their iPhones to check their Facebook news feeds—that is, to read posts from their Facebook friends. You access the News Feed by going to Facebook's Application screen and tapping the News Feed icon.

Figure 3 Viewing your news feed

What you see now is a list of the most recent status updates from your Facebook friends. To comment on or like a particular post, tap the + next to the post and select Like or Comment from the balloon menu. Press the Like button to like the post; tap the Comment button to display the Comment screen, where you can enter the text of your comment into the large text box.

Figure 4 Commenting or liking a post

For each individual post, you can tap the poster's name to view that person's Facebook profile page. If there are other links within the post, tapping a link will open the linked-to web page in a new screen.

If a post has previous comments on it, you'll see a list of number of comments and likes beneath the body of the post. Tap this list to see who has liked the post or to read comments from others.

By the way, the News Feed page can display several different types of feeds. Tap the button at the top right of the News Feed page and you can then choose to display the following choices:

Figure 5 Selecting type of news feed

  • Top News. This is the default view; it displays what Facebook feels are the most important updates in your news feed. This view does not display all updates from all Facebook friends.
  • Most Recent. Displays the most recent updates from all your Facebook friends.
  • Status Updates. Displays only status updates (not photos or other notifications) from your friends.
  • Photos. Displays the most recently uploaded photos from your friends.
  • Links. Displays the most recent posts from your friends that include links to other web pages.
  • Pages. Displays the most recent postings from those Facebook pages that you've liked.
  • Videos. Displays the most recent videos uploaded from your Facebook friends.
  • Groups (by name). Displays posts from people in a specific Facebook group.

Scroll down the screen to view the most recent posts. To update the news feed, scroll to the very top of the page and then pull the page down; you should see an "Updating" pane before the news feed is refreshed.

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