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Changing VBCommenter Behavior

Unlike many of the solutions I've tried, VBCommenter fully integrates into Visual Studio. The Tools menu includes a new VBCommenter Options entry. Click this entry and you get the VBCommenter Settings dialog box shown in Figure 1. This dialog shows the default settings, which create the XML file automatically during a build, include the comments in the source file, and rely on the triple quote for activation.

Figure 1Figure 1 Modify VBCommenter behavior using these handy settings.

Generally, you should leave the settings as is unless you don't want to create the XML file during a build. Even though the process of creating the XML is very fast, you might not want to take the time during intermediate builds of large classes or applications. In some cases, you might also want to change the activation character sequence to match whatever your company currently uses. For example, one company I know uses a single quote followed by asterisks ('***) for comments; VBCommenter can easily accommodate this change.

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