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Editing an Existing Budget

Take a look at Figure 8.9 and you see that the Coffee Shops budget is still wrong. Mint.com set the maximum amount at $10.00. Given that my second office is Atlanta Bread Company (free Wi-Fi and all the $1.50 sweet tea I can drink) and that I do my best crunch-time writing here, that amount is simply too low.

To change an existing budget item, move your mouse pointer over the item to be changed and click the Edit Details button that appears, like the one shown in Figure 8.10.

Figure 8.10

Figure 8.10 Editing a budget is a button click away.

Again I'm provided with a six-month bar graph along with an average spending value ($6.00 in this case). But I know that this is incorrect because the months of January and February have been averaged in, and these are my slowest work months. Given that I've already spent $10 and it's only May 10, 2011, it goes to reason that another 20 days will likely bump that spending up to around $30 or so. So I change the Once a Month value of $10.00 to $30.00, as shown in Figure 8.11. I make this reset each month by placing a check in the Make This Budget Roll Over check box and click the Save button.

Figure 8.11

Figure 8.11 Modify an existing budget and click Save.

Figure 8.12 now shows that the updated budget item is no longer maxed out, giving me 20 more days to buy sweet tea and enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Figure 8.12

Figure 8.12 A modified budget with new value.

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