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All the Other Things in Windows

Windows is more than just a pretty desktop and some configuration utilities. Windows also includes a large number of accessory programs and system tools you can use to perform other basic system operations.


To learn more about configuring various Windows settings, see Chapter 5, "Personalizing Windows."


Windows includes a number of single-function accessory programs, all accessible from the Start menu. These programs include a calculator, some games, two basic word processors (Notepad and WordPad), a drawing program (Paint), a player for audio and video files (Windows Media Player), and a digital video editing program (Windows Movie Maker). You access most of these accessories by clicking the Start button and selecting All Programs, Accessories.

Internet Utilities

In addition to the aforementioned Windows accessories, Windows XP also gives you three important Internet utilities. These include a Web browser (Internet Explorer), an email program (Outlook Express), and an instant messaging program (Windows Messenger). You access these three utilities by clicking the Start button and selecting All Programs.

System Tools

Windows XP includes a handful of technical tools you can use to keep your system running smoothly. You can access all these tools by clicking the Start button and selecting All Programs, Accessories, System Tools.


To learn about the practical uses of these and other system tools, turn to Chapter 9, "Performing Routine Maintenance."

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