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Introduction to Delphi for .NET and the New IDE

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Xavier Pacheco provides an overview of Delphi for .NET, with a focus how to use Delphi to develop software for business solutions.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

In this chapter

  • Delphi for .NET—a Bigger Picture

  • Introduction to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Borland's Delphi for .NET has been a long time coming—at least in the hearts and minds of the many loyal Delphi developers in the world. Borland has answered the call to create an integrated development environment for building .NET application in Delphi, and it has answered it well. This chapter introduces you to the Delphi for .NET product and how the new IDE enhances productivity.

Delphi for .NET—a Bigger Picture

So what exactly is Delphi for .NET? Delphi for .NET is one component of Borland's broad vision for how developers create business solutions. This vision has to do with providing the full Application Lifecycle Development (ALM) process onto the desks of development teams, giving them the full scope of tools needed to develop applications. These tools form a suite of products around this ALM concept, giving them what they need to define, design, develop, test, deploy, and manage software projects.

This book is focused on the "develop" stage of ALM, and Delphi for .NET is just one of the tools that Borland provides to serve that purpose. Nevertheless, because it is a good idea to know how Delphi for .NET fits into the grand scheme, it is recommended that you read the various whitepapers and articles on both the Borland's main site and community site.


Borland's Web site is http://www.borland.com. The community site is http://bdn.borland.com/. My site that will be dedicated to Delphi development and particularly .NET development in Delphi is http://www.delphiguru.com. This site will also be the location from which you can obtain code updates and errata sheets on this book.

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