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More Stuff You Don't Need But Must Have

To relieve physical stress and tone your forearm at the same time, try the Neon Blue Gyroscope. With a gentle rhythmic wrist twist, you can make it reach speeds of up to 15,000 rpm. Even better, the faster you make the gyro spin, the brighter it glows using several ultra-bright blue LEDs. Not only will the soothing motion help keep you from punching out your cube neighbors, the mesmerizing blue glow will cause them to obey your every command.

Figure 6Figure 6 Neon Blue Gyroscope

One way to get out your frustrations is to yell at your office mates. The problem is, face-to-face confrontations can be dangerous. ThinkGeek's Abusive Stamps help you express your anger in a completely passive aggressive manner. Great slogans like, "This is F**KING URGENT" and "I haven't got time to read this CRAP" look official when stamped in red ink at the top of every document that crosses your desk. Six different stampable slogans are available; just make sure to hide them away when others are watching.

Figure 7Figure 7 Abusive Rubber Stamps

After all that office drama you need to chill-out and relax. Technology is about convenience after all, and you deserve to be pampered. The Deluxe Mini Fridge/Warmer with Digital Thermostat/Display is all about luxury. Small and quiet enough to hide neatly under your desk, but large enough to store 24 cans of soda, this nifty fridge will become your best buddy. No more wasted effort rising from your seat to walk the few agonizing steps to the company kitchenette; all your favorite foods and beverages are right at hand. The LED display lets you know the internal temperature at all times, and an internal light allows you to see your goodies through the large front window. Truly laziness at it's best. Add some Buzzwater, the planet's most highly caffeinated bottled beverage, to your fridge and you can expect even more productivity out of that laziness.

Figure 8Figure 8 Deluxe Mini Fridge/Warmer with Digital Display

Figure 9Figure 9 Buzzwater

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