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Gadgets, Gizmos and Thingamabobs

The wristwatch is a common fashion accessory your fellow office drones may take note of. As geeks we certainly favor the exactness of digital watches verses the sloppy uncertainty of analog time. But at the heart of each digital watch is a binary based computer. Wouldn't you rather cut out the middleman and interact directly with that cool little computer inside your digital watch? With the LED Binary Watch you can finally realize those dreams. A series of 10 red LEDs represent the current time in both hours and minutes using binary. We think the glowing binary and high-quality steel construction of this watch will gain you instant popularity. And besides, won't it be fun the next time some guy asks you "what time is it?" and you can enjoy their bewildered expression when you flash your wrist emblazoned with glowing binary? Yes it will, you ponder as you take your last bite of cheese, yes it will...

Figure 4Figure 4 LED Binary Watch

Have you seen those USB thumb drives before? Yep, everyone seems to have one hanging around his or her necks, or on a keychain. So passé... Sure it's useful; you can store a bunch of megabytes of data and access it from any computer. But everyone has it... BORING. Enter the Devil Duckie Drive. It's a small rubber devil duck with a USB thumb drive stuck up its butt. The eyes of this very constipated duck blink pleadingly as he reads and writes your data. Plus with 256MB of data storage and USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1) connection speeds you will be the talk of the entire office. Trust us: with some good grooming, two shots of tequila, and the Devil Duckie Drive in your pocket, you are guaranteed to please those office ladies.

Figure 5Figure 5 Devil Duckie Drive

No matter how much you impress your co-workers with your cool new geek gear, they are still likely to piss you off from time-to-time. Or in the case of the sales department, all the time. These annoyances can build up and adversely affect your procrastination time in the workplace. ThinkGeek has a few items to help you keep your cool and avoid going postal and unplugging the mail server — again.

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