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From the author of LoCo Council

LoCo Council

Just as the Ubuntu Community as a whole is governed by the Ubuntu Community Council, the Ubuntu LoCo teams are governed by the Ubuntu LoCo Council.

According to the Ubuntu LoCo Council wiki page, the LoCo Council is made up of elected, dedicated members of the Ubuntu Community who come from diverse backgrounds and have a firm understanding of what makes up successful LoCos. The LoCo Council serves the following functions:

  • Governs the LoCo community
  • Makes decisions on resource allocation
  • Deals with conflict resolution
  • Makes decisions about where the project should move forward

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • To provide independent guidance for the LoCo Community.
  • To maintain quality of governance in the LoCo community.
  • To assess and re-assess teams for approved state.
  • To provide input and feedback to other Ubuntu governance boards regarding the needs and achievements of the LoCo community.
  • To act as an independent, objective, third party to resolve conflict in teams by acting as mediator for a group or individuals.
  • To govern key LoCo resources such as mailing lists and key web properties—i.e. if you log a Request Ticket regarding your LoCo and don't hear anything after two weeks, contact us.
  • To influence and recommend how LoCo resources are allocated.
  • To influence the direction and goals of the Ubuntu Project and greater LoCo Team effort.
  • To motivate and encourage LoCos to be the best they can be.

The LoCo Council has a mailing list and holds regular meetings in the #ubuntu-meeting IRC Channel on irc.freenode.net.

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