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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Recording Videos with the Camera Application

The Camera application enables you to take pictures, record video, and upload video straight to YouTube. We cover the video recording and upload features of the Camera application in this chapter. Using the Camera application to take pictures is covered in Chapter 9.

Recording Video

  1. The Camera application should be on the Home screen. Touch to launch it.
  2. Touch anywhere on the screen to reveal the menu, and then touch Switch To to switch to the video camera.
  3. Touch to start recording.

Changing Video Settings

Before you record a video, you can change some settings that can alter how the video is recorded.

  1. Touch anywhere on the screen to reveal the menu.
  2. Touch to select the Scene mode. Your choices of scenes are Everyday, Outdoors, and Concert.
  3. Touch to select if any video effects are added as you record. Your choices for effects are Normal, Black and White, Negative, Sepia, and Solarize.
  4. Touch to turn the camera light on and off. Turning the light on can help when recording in low light or darkness.
  5. Touch to switch between the back and front camera.

Editing Video

After recording your video, you might want to edit it or even add a title to the beginning before sharing it with friends.

  1. Touch and hold on the video you just recorded in the Gallery application.
  2. Touch Edit.
  3. Touch Video.
  4. Slide the left slider to adjust the point where the video should start.
  5. Slide the right slider to adjust the point where the video should end.
  6. Touch the Menu button to reveal more options.
  7. Touch Save to save the video.
  8. Touch Extract Frame to extract a frame from the video and save it as a picture.
  9. Touch Add Title to add a title sequence to the video.
  10. Touch Resize to resize the videos dimensions.
  11. Touch Remove Audio to remove the audio from the video.

Extracting a Frame from the Video

You might find a frame of video that would be great to keep as a picture. You can extract any frame of video as a picture.

  1. While editing the video, find a frame in the video that you want to save as a picture by playing the video and pausing it on the frame.
  2. Touch the Menu button and then touch Extract Frame.
  3. Type a name for the picture.
  4. Touch OK.

Resizing a Video

The dimensions of a video affect how large the video file is. If you want to share your video with friends and family, you might want to resize it so that it is quicker to transfer.

  1. While editing the video, touch the Menu button and touch Resize.
  2. Choose a new size. QCIF is 176 pixels × 144 pixels, QVGA is 320 pixels × 240 pixels, and VGA is 640 pixels × 480 pixels.
  3. Touch OK.

Remove Audio from a Video

Sometimes you need to remove the audio track from a video. This could be because of unwanted sounds, or if you’re uploading to YouTube, copyrighted music playing in the background.

  1. While editing the video, touch the Menu button and touch Remove audio.
  2. Touch Yes.

Adding a Title Sequence to Your Video

Adding a title to your video adds that little bit of extra professionalism to it. Here is how.

  1. While editing the video, touch the Menu button and touch Add Title.
  2. Enter the title of your video and touch OK.
  3. Touch to change the size of the text. Your choices are Small, Medium, and Large.
  4. Touch to change the color of the text.
  5. Touch to change the background color. This changes the entire screen to the color you choose while the text title text is displayed.
  6. Touch the Menu button to reveal more choices.
  7. Touch Change Text to edit the title text.
  8. Touch Duration to change the how long the title text stays on-screen. Your choices are 2, 5, and 10 seconds.
  9. Touch Cancel if you decide against having title text.
  10. Touch Save to save the title sequence.

Saving Your Edited Video

After you have finished editing your video, you can save it. Remember that your edited video is saved as a new video, and the original remains intact.

  1. While editing the video, touch the Menu button and touch Save.
  2. Choose whether you want to preview the video before saving it.
  3. Type in a new name for your edited video.
  4. Touch OK.
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