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Ways To Watch TV Shows & Movies Anywhere On Your iPhone or iPad

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Transform your Apple iPhone or iPad into a high-definition entertainment system and enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, audio, or video content virtually anytime and anywhere. Jason R. Rich introduces you to the TV show and movie content you can find, purchase (or rent), download, and watch on your Apple phone or tablet.
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Life isn't always about hard work. Sometimes, you need to just kick back, relax, and be entertained. And, while your Apple iPhone or iPad probably serves you well as a business, productivity, communications and/or organizational tool, it can also be used as a portable entertainment center[md]allowing you to watch your favorite TV show episodes and movies anytime and anywhere.

From the iTunes app on your iPhone or iPad, you can find, purchase (or rent) and then download TV show episodes and movies, as well as music and other content. Due to the large file sizes of TV show and movie files, however, you'll need a Wi-Fi connection to handle these downloads from your Apple mobile device.

Or, you can use iTunes on your primary computer to purchase and download TV show episodes and movies, and then use the iTunes sync process to transfer the files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad.

In addition to allowing you to purchase TV show episodes and movies in both standard-definition and high-definition formats, from iTunes, you can also rent some of this content. As you explore what's available on iTunes, you'll discover TV programming from virtually every television network and studio, as well as movies from the majority of the top Hollywood studios.

Purchasing versus Renting on iTunes

When you purchase a TV show episode, an entire season's worth of episodes from a series, or a movie, it's yours to watch again and again on your iPhone, iPad and/or computer. Typically, here's what you'll pay to acquire video content from iTunes:

  • Purchase one TV show episode in standard definition: $1.99.
  • Purchase one TV show episode in high-definition: $2.99.
  • Rent one TV show episode: $.99.
  • Purchase one full-length movie: $4.99 to $19.99.
  • Rent one full-length movie in standard definition: $3.99.
  • Rent one full-length movie in high-definition: $4.99.
  • An entire season of TV series can be purchased at a discounted price.
  • Each week, several sample episodes from new or popular TV shows are offered for a limited time as free downloads through iTunes. From the iTunes TV Shows screen, click on the Free Episodes icon to see a listing of what's available for free each week.

Renting a television show episode or movie on iTunes allows you to watch that programming during a 24-hour period, starting from when you press Play to begin watching the show or movie for the first time. After the 24-hour period expires, the rented content will automatically delete itself from your computer, iPhone, and/or iPad.

Prior to pressing the Play icon to watch rented content, you can store rented TV episodes or movies on your computer, iPhone, or iPad for up to 30 days before it will automatically be deleted.

Television episode and movie purchases and rentals from the iTunes service are billed directly to your iTunes/Apple ID account, or you can use a prepaid iTunes gift card. Upon downloading this content using iTunes, it can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad using the iTunes app on the iPhone or Videos app on the iPad (which come preinstalled on your device).

Because downloaded iTunes TV show episodes and movies are stored on your iPhone or iPad, this content can be watched anytime or anywhere, whether or not your phone or tablet has access to the Internet.

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