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Twelve News Apps for iPad That’ll Keep You In-The-Know

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Jason R. Rich explains how to stay up to date with the latest news using any of a dozen powerful news-oriented apps designed specifically for the iPad and iPad 2. Learn how to access on-demand news of interest to you, when and where you want or need it, by using your tablet.
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The days of being home in time for the network evening news in order to catch up on the day's events or having time to leisurely read a daily newspaper every morning in order to stay informed about current events are pretty much gone for many people.

The good news, however, is that as an iPad user, just because you're busy, you don't have to be ill-informed about newsworthy events. Available from the App Store, there are plenty of news-oriented apps that allow you to keep up with late-breaking news as it happens, or quickly peruse the latest headlines in a matter of minutes at your convenience.

Virtually all the major television, radio, print and web-based news organizations offer their own iPad apps that provide an interactive and personalized way for you to access the news you want and need. Through these apps, this information is offered in a format that appeals to you, and is available on-demand, exactly when, where, and how you want it.

Some of the most popular news-oriented apps, along with their related content, are offered free of charge and are advertiser-supported, just like watching television or listening to the radio. However, now that subscription-based apps are possible through the App Store, some news organizations, particularly newspaper and magazine publishers, are starting to charge a subscription fee to access some or all of their content.

When it comes to accessing news content using an iPad, first figure out a format that best caters to your needs, and then choose a news organization that you respect, followed by an app that meets those needs.

The following dozen apps represent the latest "interactive" news-gathering options available for your iPad. Many of these apps utilize interactive elements, text, photos, graphics, video and/or audio, providing your tablet has access to the Internet.

Keep in mind, virtually all the apps described here are iPad-specific. Similar but separate apps from these news organizations may also be available from the App Store for the iPhone.

ABC News for iPad or CBS News for iPad

The news divisions of these two television networks each have its own proprietary iPad app that's designed to offer video-based local, national, and international news reports on-demand.

The ABC News for iPad app, for example, combines text-based articles with video footage from news stories. It allows you to literally scan the globe as you pick and choose only the stories and headlines that are of interest to you.

The CBS News for iPad app offers real-time video feeds broadcast throughout the day, as well as on-demand video stories from the CBS Evening News and other news-oriented programs such as The Early Show, CBS MoneyWatch, and 48 Hours. This app also allows you to select from U.S. news, world news, politics, science/technology, health, entertainment, MoneyWatch, sports, crime, and opinion-oriented content—all presented by the network's top journalists, reporters, and producers.

Both the ABC News for iPad and CBS News for iPad apps are offered for free from the App Store.

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