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Add Links, Notes, Videos, and Events

There are additional tabs that you can add to your Facebook Page quite easily: Links, Notes, Videos, and Events. These additional tabs are represented by a + symbol, which you have to click to view.

To add any of these tabs, just click the + button in the page setup area.

Choose the area:

  • Links. Links are just a record of Link postings you've made to your Wall, as described earlier in this lesson.
  • Notes. Notes are a record of Notes postings, which are used rather rarely, in my experience.
  • Videos. The Videos page is like the Photos page, allowing people to see videos you've posted and arranged into albums.
  • Events. This area is not used by many people, but those who use it well get a lot out of it. Facebook events are a popular way to arrange things, and you can use regular email addresses for people who aren't on Facebook.

Experiment with all these areas. They can be tremendously useful. And the Events area is a great tool, especially if you hold events with any frequency at all.

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